Golden Services is a company that stands proud as the best same day courier and delivery company in the South Georgia and North Florida. We were once a small and modest operation that has grown to be one of the most respected and effective service company South Georgia and North Florida. Golden Services is based out of Thomasville, Georgia.

We are happy to offer our clients all of the services that they require to meet their delivery needs. Scheduled deliveries, same day or overnight shipping.

Golden Services believes in providing the highest possible level of customer service to our clients.When you request a same day shipment from us, you know that a uniformed, professional courier with Company Id will be at your location quickly to make your pickup.

We have built our reputation upon the strength of our professional services since 2006, and we now provide that same great level of service to this day with courier service. Same day deliveries are never shipped with other client's packages, and a verbal proof of delivery is provided immediately upon delivery completion.

Change of Custody
Place your order with confidence. When you request a same day delivery from Golden Services, a professional and uniformed courier will be dispatched to your location immediately. After that courier picks up your delivery, you can beconfident that their entire focus is going to be upon prompt delivery of your package.

There’s no guessing or assuming here. As soon as your delivery has been successfully completed, you will be contacted by Golden Services. We provide you with a full verbal confirmation and email that your same day delivery has been successfully completed. With Golden Services, you're never left to wonder what's happening with your important deliveries.

Same Day Delivery:
Golden Services is proud to offer our premiere same day delivery service throughout the South Georgia and North Florida. If you need to get your package in the hands of your clients within 24 hours or less, we can help. You can rely onGolden Services to provide you with the best response and most professionalservice available in the same day delivery industry. Same day service is available between all points in our service area, allowing you to offer great same day response times to your clients.

Overnight Delivery Services
We know that businesses run around the clock. Whether you have a middle of the night request come in or if you like to have your shipments in your client's hands beforetheir business day ever begins, our overnight delivery service can help.

When youmake a request for the overnight delivery service through Golden Services, your delivery will be completed by 10:00 AM or sooner the following business day. This is going to ensure that any of your client's start of day needs can bemet. It provides a perfect solution.

Schedule Recurring Deliveries
Golden Services can improve inter-office productivity with our recurring delivery service. We will create a custom route for your delivery needs and travel that route as many times as you need. Our scheduled recurring deliveries give you total control over the sending and receiving of items without the added stress of managing each delivery.

 Would you like to decide what time your mail is delivered every day?
 Are there documents or goods that need to move between office/branch locations multiple times a day?
 Do you have materials you need to send to other businesses on a daily basis?
 Are you tired of running to the bank and arrive just as they close for the day?

If you are nodding your head or are reminded of a similar situation, you need Golden Services delivery service now. Let Golden Services perform these tasks so you can focus on other areas of your business.

Our Fleet
No matter the size of the delivery, Golden Services has the right sized vehicle to ship packages on time, every time. Our fleet of vehicles includes: 
 Flatbed Trucks
 Cargo Vans
 Box Trucks
 Pickup Trucks
 Open or Enclosed Trailers