For all your pinestraw needs, please contact Mike Barwick at 229-221-5113.

Golden Pinestraw provides natural pine straw consisting of longleaf and slash along with installation services to both residential and commercial clients. Founded in 2006, Golden Pinestraw offers quality pine straw and professional services such as delivery and installation. We have thousands of acres of planted pines in South Georgia and North Florida under contract to provide our clients with any amount of straw desired. We are not a seasonal business which allows us to stand ready to meet your delivery and installation needs all year long.

From South GA to North FL, we are known for our professionalism and prompt service. We only use the highest quality pine straw available. Our straw is hand raked, carefully hand baled, and tied for delivery. We would like to be your straw provider.

We have developed a great reputation for providing clients with quality pine straw in a professional and timely manner. Our clients consist of private homeowners, landscapers, schools, commercial, government, agencies, chain retailers. Golden Pinestraw delivers to create an easier and more efficient way for people to order and receive pine straw with out having to leave their home or place of business to do so.

Golden Pinestraw can supply you with any amount of longleaf or slash straw necessary to meet your needs. We offer local drop trailer services to your location. For larger orders we also offer tractor trailer loads (In most states). Our clients always appreciate our quick turn-around that averages same or next day delivery.

The most reliable pine straw provider in the area:

  • Local, Honest and Professional Staff
  • Great Quality Service and Straw
  • Specialize in orders to fit your needs
  • Same Day Delivery available
  • Free Delivery in Thomas County (25 bales or more)

Golden Pinestraw carries the highest quality pine straw available. We make every effort to provide a bale of slash or longleaf straw that is free of debri and that is consistent in size. We believe our prices are the best in the South Ga and North Fl area. We will be happy to provide a free quote for your next landscape and back yard project. We can install any of our quality pine straw; see our services page for details. Pinestraw is the number one material used in the landscape beddings in South GA and North Fl. The pine straw needles benefits the environment by recycling nutrients and maintaining soil organic matter in a compost fashion.

Longleaf is a high quality needle that averages 14" in length. Longleaf is known for its reddish hue and durability. Our bales are approximately 12" x15" x 28"
and will cover on average 55 sq. ft.

Slash is a shorter pine needle, averaging 10" in length. The needle is the most common used for the area. Our bales are approximately 12" x 15" x 28" which consist of an average ground cover of 50 sq. ft per bale.

Advantages of Pine Straw

  • Natural organic ground cover
  • Retains moisture, decomposes and is high in nitrogen
  • Light weight and therefore is easier to apply than other types of mulch
  • Gives a beautiful clean decorative coverage
  • Add new attractiveness and background to your flowers, plants and trees
  • Acts as a shield for flowers, plants and trees
  • Has more completive square feet coverage than other premium mulches.

Residential Services
Our team brings the same quality services to our residential clients in the South GA and North FL that our commercial division brings to our landscapers and commercial clients. We stand ready to meet your delivery and installation needs all year long. We look forward to the opportunity to help with your pine straw needs.

The minimum residential delivery order, which is free, is 25 bales or more in Thomas County. We can deliver outside of Thomas County for a small delivery fee based on miles traveled.

Our team offers installation of our pine straw at your residence. We start with the removal and disposal of old mulch materials if desired. We then install by hand, cleaning all turf areas and hard surfaces of pine straw, blow rolling of all edges and a final clean up of the site. The minimum order for the service is 50 bales. Our team is professional and is known for there quality installation services. 

Commercial Services

Our team has a close relationship with our local commercial clients. We understand that our commercial clients are under daily pressure to please and succeed their clients deadlines and expectations. We stand ready to serve them on their pine straw needs. We offer pine straw material and installation directly to landscapers, developers, city agencies, county agencies, golf courses and many more. 

If we are not serving you at this time, please give us the opportunity to meet with you and see how we might serve you and your clients needs.

Timber Owners
Golden Pinestraw takes pride in our contracted timber land program.
The hands on care that our team gives improves the look, quality, and the value of the timber land. This provides us and our clients with the highest quality pinestraw available.

Program Services

  • 5 - 8 year lease programs
  • Strict Management Program
  • Removal of hardwoods
  • Spraying
  • Removal of trash
  • Mowing
  • Care of damaged timber
  • Herbicides

Golden Pinestraw over the last few years have came in contact with several reputable one man operations. These are some of the best pine straw balers in the area. We have grown close to these operators for support in times of need. We want and will meet all clients expectations which sometimes puts us into purchasing from these operators. We realize being a natural product, there is always some variation in color and quality depending on the age of the trees, location of the fields and the time of year. We still live by the same expectations from these operators as we do ourselves in having the highest quality and consistently sized bales of pine straw.