Meet the Whiddons

In 2006, Todd E. Whiddon founded Golden Services as a service company based out of Thomasville, Ga. Five years later, it expanded to include commercial cleaning services. Over time, Golden Services has developed a proven track record with their clients. Todd and his wife Hope had a clear mind on the values they wanted their business to be built on. They wanted to take customer service to the next level, and for them, that meant embracing a new type of business culture.

By placing all of their employees first, their employees would learn to put the customer first. They knew if their employees had a great place to work, they would come in happy each day. We knew our clients would be happy also. It seems to work. They realize that their staff are human and will occasionally make a mistake. The difference is, if any of their clients have an issue or just need help with something, they respond in minutes….not hours, days or even weeks later as some in our industry.


We want our clients to know that we and the GS team are always here for them, their staff and their clients no matter what. “It’s a stronger, deeper commitment to our employees and our clients that ensures our clients are completely satisfied.”

Founder / President 

South Georgia and North Florida

email: goldenservices@rose.net

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Founder / President 

South Georgia and North Florida

email: goldenservices@rose.net


Upstate SC


Douglas Pheffer


Ana C. Pheffer

Social Media Coordinator


South Georgia

North Florida


Vic Harper


DeAnn King


Joe Kirkland

Facility Maintenance Manager