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Empty Classroom
Golden Environmental Services is more than a leading provider of quality cleaning services. Our knowledgeable staff is 100% committed to exceeding your expectations.
Cleaning the Hallways

The Right Choice.

GES Protects the Health of your students and staff by working around students without interfering with their education.

Our dedicated on-site team includes a hands-on operations manager, supervisors, and workflow and quality control specialists who
manage and coordinate resources in every facility.

Every one of them understands proper cleaning techniques and safety to maximize productivity.

Whether it's an elementary classroom or an athletic training room, a clean, safe, and healthy space is vital for all education facilities.

GES is equipped to provide the highest standard for your students, staff, and the school community.

With over 16 years of experience, GES will create a customized cleaning plan dedicated to meeting the needs of your students and staff.

GES Standards

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